Create an FX Track

July 1, 2013

For those of you who have children or who enjoy playing with toy cars, a track to play with is a dream come true. Rather than going out and buying a single-purpose track, creating a do-it-yourself track for toy cars out of masking tape is a fun alternative with lots of benefits! To build your own at home, all you will need is colored masking tape, and toy cars to play with!

Masking tape tracks are a very easy project, and they can be placed absolutely anywhere. They work best on carpeting, however, since they do not get in the way of daily activities and can be stepped on unlike other tracks that can be purchased for toy cars, they can go anywhere your imagination takes them.

Some enjoy having masking tape tracks on their bedroom floor even, while other families prefer them to be in a playroom. They can go anywhere in a home though, and are really fun! For anyone who has already made a masking tape race track, you can send photos for us to add to our Instagram account, and if anyone else tries it, please send photos! We would love to see how your tracks turn out. The only warning is that you might have too much fun!

You can get masking tape at, or buy them at your favorite stationary store:

- Amazon

- Staples

- OfficeMax

- Uline

- Discount School Supplies