Good News, I guess…

January 20, 2014

***We are now all good…we appreciate your patience. The deal below is no longer available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. There are times when good news is not good news for everyone. With the recent release of our Premium Edition app in the App Store, we have completely sold out of the iPhone 5 version of FX Car and the FX sticker sheet.

We are incredibly humbled how our fans, who have been following our progress from the beginning, have rallied and gone to great lengths to support us – our startup would be a shell without them

So great news for us…pretty disappointing news if you are reading this on our blog, not our newsletter. With that said, we are currently working feverishly to get our inventory restocked. And those new to the Family, we sincerely apologize and offer you the same consideration and gratitude we did and do for our loyal fans.

If you order any of the back-ordered products, we will provide Free Shipping as well as offer the complete sticker set (all 4) for free. We have never, nor will we ever take our fans and supporters for granted - you guys are the lifeblood of our small company.

If this offer does not satisfy you in anyway, please email me at I do get a lot of SPAM at this box so if you could please add “Forgiveness” to the subject line, it will enable me to provide an immediate reply.

Thank you all, and for those in line to receive the next generation in toys, please accept our sincerest of apologies - we are worth the wait I promise.